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Hello Guys,

Thanks for logging on 'About Global BioteQ Planet' page on this blog. 

Global BioteQ Planet blog was started on 13th March, 2010  by Prabhuprasad Paduchuri with a ambition to provide guidance and Tutorials related to Biotechnology and the main concept was to build an online awareness to the community in a better way..

Guidance and perfect resources to learn concepts on Biotechnology with the slogan 'Making Biotechnology Professionals. There is a hope for future.'

I,Gandham Mohan is the Manager of Global BioteQ Planet and a Administrator. I'm a 40 years from India. I'm always eager to learn new things in blogging arena for the growth of Global BioteQ Planet. I always plan on  how to make Global BioteQ Planet popular among students. I effectively concentrate on reader's trust.

Thanks to all of the readers and friends to view Global BioteQ Planet,and hope that your support and care  will continue in future also.

Once again thanks to Every body for reading my thoughts.

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